Just a test post for the new blog

This is the simple, drill-down approach. Basically, just follow the following breadcrumbs:

Backstage > NetAdmin tab > main website from websites listing >”Manage My Domains” menu choice > “Domain Pointers” submenu >

You then receive, on the right-hand of the screen, an brief explanation of how domain pointers work, and two links: one for more information, and one to add domain pointers to your account. Click the latter link, and fill out the resulting form, as seen below:

I have a domain with my other host but was having too much trouble with them so moved here, I would like to have my domain rpgafterlife.com moved here as an actual domain or a pointer. I don’t know what to do. On my other host I’m trying to edit the Server hostname and I replace it with:

Primary: dns.site5.com
Secondary: dns2.site5.com

But it keeps saving that it’s invalid. How do I point my domain to here then? Should I just drop my domain and have site5 pick it up again for me?


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